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About Heber Valley Dental

Welcome to Heber Valley Dental, your premier destination for comprehensive dental care in the heart of Heber City, UT. Our practice stands on the pillars of a warm, community-focused approach, cutting-edge dental technology, and a commitment to the long-term dental health of every patient. Whether you’re seeking routine care or complex dental solutions, our doors are open to bring you a first-class dental experience in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

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Why Choose Us?

Complimentary Clear Orthodontic Aligners Consultation

Uncover your path to a straighter smile with a no-cost evaluation for clear aligners.

Free Second Opinion Service:

Gain confidence in your dental decisions with our expert second opinion service, ensuring peace of mind at no extra charge.

10% Off Sleep Appliance:

Address sleep apnea and snoring with our custom sleep appliances, now available at a special discount.

Complimentary Wisdom Teeth Evaluation:

Ensure the health and positioning of your wisdom teeth with a thorough, complimentary assessment.

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Specialties That Set Us Apart

At Heber Valley Dental, we pride ourselves on a suite of specialty services that cater to your unique dental needs. Here’s a glimpse of what sets us apart, with each service having a dedicated space on our website for you to explore in-depth: