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Zoom in Office Whitening

Zoom In-Office Whitening

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At our office, you’ll walk in and out of your appointment in two hours with a new, bright, dazzling smile. This is possible with Zoom teeth whitening. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure involves using a strong bleaching agent and is considered the most effective and fastest form of teeth whitening. If you’re short on time for a bright smile or you want teeth whitening that is effective and long-lasting, this procedure is for you.

What to Expect From Your Zoom Teeth Whitening Appointment

Step 1: Preparation

Before your teeth whitening appointment, a quick exam of your teeth and gums will be done to make sure they are healthy enough for the procedure. We’ll also ask you about any type of dental restoration work you may have, such as crowns.

For the Zoom teeth whitening to be most effective, it is recommended that it be done shortly after you have had your teeth professionally cleaned. If you have not had a professional dental cleaning in a while, you should get that done first. A thorough cleaning may be all you need to remove the surface stains that is making your smile not as great as it could be.

Step 2: Get The Procedure

The actual Zoom teeth whitening procedure takes around an hour and a half. The procedure is done in a series of short sessions, usually 15 minutes long each.

The powerful bleaching agent used in this procedure is much more effective than any over-the-counter whitening products. (Note, that this can leave some people’s teeth feeling extra sensitive for a while, but the sensations should pass quickly and can be treated with ibuprofen.)

Step 3: The Results

After each 15-minute session, we may add more whitening agent or adjust the light depending on your desired tooth shade. Some sessions go so well that some patients choose to end early so their teeth don’t get blindingly white. Others will go the full duration. Many patients see a change of 2 to 3 shades of their teeth, and notice a big difference in their smiles.

We’ll also give you a list of foods and drinks to avoid for the next 48 hours. It is also highly recommended that you don’t smoke within this timeframe either. Be sure to check out our post-appointment page for additional information on how you can make your teeth whitening last longer.