Sedation Dentistry

We feel a great deal of compassion for the many people we speak to here in Heber City, UT, who suffer from severe anxiety over visits to the dentist. This is a genuine fear that can be a result of a traumatic experienceperhaps one that happened during childhood. We are always ready to work through these anxieties with our patients, walking them gently through every step of every procedure so they truly feel in control of the process. 

This is incredibly important because we know what is at stake—unchecked bacteria in your mouth can cause gum disease, tooth loss, infections in other parts of your body—there is even evidence it can cause pregnancy complications and heart issues. Routine, preventative care at the dentist is pivotal not only to your oral health, but also to your overall health. 

One of the ways we help our patients deal with their dental anxieties is by offering sedation dentistry for nearly every standard dental procedure. Our sedation procedure—provided right here in our Heber City, UT, office by Elite Anesthesia—offers nearly zero after effects.

Benefits of Sedation

  • You will still remain conscious.
  • You will be completely relaxed—you might even squeeze in an afternoon nap.
  • You will feel totally calm—no matter how anxious you were when you walked into our office.
  • You don’t have to worry about side effects, since we will give you a thorough health screening before beginning the treatment, including a questionnaire about all drugs and supplements you take so we can avoid interactions. 

The Sedation Process

Before we begin, we will also make sure you understand everything about the process so you can feel prepared and in control. After the treatment is complete, you will receive a dose of pure oxygen to flush the nitrous oxide from your body so that you can return to your day without feeling groggy. Your day can continue as planned, and most people are able to get behind the wheel within minutes of completing their procedure.  

No longer do you have to allow your dental anxiety to stand in the way of the healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted. Contact our compassionate, experienced team at our Heber City, UT, office to learn more about our sedation dentistry option.

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