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Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic Mouth Guards

In contact sports, you expect to see helmets and shoulder pads. Protecting yourself while being active is important if you want to continue playing the sport you love. Just as important as protecting your head, face, neck, arms and legs are your teeth. Mouth guards protect your teeth from getting chipped, cracked, fractured or from being knocked out during play. Missing or damaged teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak, and it can easily ruin your smile.

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth from sudden impacts, but they can prevent cuts to your lips, tongue and the inside of your cheeks. It cushions any blow to your mouth, which can help reduce damage from a concussion, and it will protect against getting a broken jaw.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are many kinds of mouth guards available. Here is a list of the most common:

  • Generic stock mouth guards- These are ready to wear immediately, but can be uncomfortable and bulky to wear.
  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards- These mouth guards are also available in many stores. You place these in hot water, let it cool for a few seconds, and then bite down on it to shape it to your mouth. It fits better than the stock mouth guard, but it can still be uncomfortable.
  • Dentist made mouth guards– These mouth guards are the ones you’ll find at our office. We’ll take an impression of your teeth to ensure the most comfortable fit. We also offer mouth guards in different colors and designs to fit your preference. Your mouth guard will be custom made to fit only your mouth.

Mouth Guard Care

Proper care of your mouth guard will make it last longer. We recommend you wash it with water before and after each use and brush it with a soft tooth brush.

Contact us about setting you up with a custom made mouth guard today and stay in the game.